Harrier Run & Hash Bash

It’s almost time for the 5th Annual Harrier Run and Hash Bash

Date: Saturday, February 27th.
Time: 1:30 pm all will arrive at the YMCA, surnames will be given and the hare will depart at 1:50.

The Hash Bash will begin at 4:00 for everyone who cannot make the run or families to join.

Run Rules
1. No cell phones! They will be confiscated before we start and returned only if you make it to the Hash Bash.
2. No GPS watches for training purposes, no this run does not count for any training runs, cross training or “extra workouts”.
3. No whining about getting your favorite pair of running shoes dirty or wet.
4. Only Harrier Run vocabulary will be spoken, LEARN IT!
5. Festive dress is encouraged and there may be a couple of prizes for the best dressed.
6. Don’t forget your bug spray and snake bite kit.
7. Become familiar with the train schedule before departing.
8. We will end at a public place so bring $$ for drinks and eats after the run.

Runners will arrive at the Hash Bash location by 4 pm. If you have family that is going to meet you, make sure I have a phone number to text them or they have access to Facebook or our Team App. I will post where the party will be located around 2:30.

The Hash Bash will serve as our 2016 season kick off party. Please bring the family for an evening of fun. We hope to have our member’s HEAT shirts to hand out at the party.

Please RSVP to me with the number of runners and the number of people who are attending the Hash Bash.


Heather Lake

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