March 2019 – Carol Clark

My name is Carol Clark. I am 59 years old. Hard to believe I will turn 60 on March 11. I live in Gallatin with Greg and our cocker spaniel Zoe. I am a Neonatal Nurse Practitioner and work for Vanderbilt University.

I moved to Tennessee from Pensacola Florida in 2011. Greg and I met in 2011 and married in 2013. I have always been physically active. I played all sports in high school and played a year of Basketball in College and then changed to track. When I met Greg he was in to Road Racing. The month after we met he talked me into getting a bike so I could ride with him. I purchased a brand new Felt and I started riding and was hooked. I signed up for all the Metic Century rides that year and my riding skills improved greatly.

My first triathalon was a Sprint triathalon in Clarksville Tn in 2014. I was challenged to do this by Greg and his Coach at the time (Todd Nordemeyer). Since I can’t say no to a challenge I decided to accept. Of course Greg bought me every gadget and accessory I needed. I thought I may not do well but I would look professional doing it. Luckily I had some great resourses at work , Judy Daggett and Melanie Wenzel who answered my  millions of questions.  I’ll never forget my first triathalon and seeing the smile on Greg’s face as I crossed the finish line. There may or may not have been a tear or two shed from both our eyes. I actually won first place in my age group which was a big surprise. So after that Greg gave up Road racing and we both became hooked on this wonderful sport.

We joined HEAT in 2015 and have enjoyed all the support and friendships we have gained along the way. I thought I would only do sprint triathalons because I was  a sprinter in college. I was always the last leg on the relay team. My favorite tri was probably Paris Landing till this past year when I did River Bluff.  I have participated in 14 triathalons. Unfortunately I had a couple of injuries the past couple of years and could not train consistently. My New Years resolution was to listen to Coach Barry and not go rogue and try and remain injury free. Greg and I both signed up for Augusta 70.3 so this will be our first 1/2 Ironman. We have so many good friends who signed up so we thought we might as well because there is nothing like training with friends.

My normal training week is usually three rides, three runs and two swims thanks to Coach Barry I am able to change them up sometimes because we all know life happens. My go to nutrition is Infinite custom mix-Sprint tri. I actually like all three disciplines for different reasons but I guess my favorite is cycling but all three are enjoyable especially with friends. Finally ,my first thought after a triathalon is let’s go eat!!!!!

Swim. Bike. Run. Eat. Sleep. Repeat