Who are we? We’re the Hendersonville Endurance Athletic Team (Team HEAT). We’re people just like you…we have jobs and families….but we also share a passion for cycling, running, swimming, and staying active, fit, and healthy.

We want to help you meet – even exceed – your goals for next season.

We have created a community of athletes spanning all abilities, goals, and endurance disciplines. Whether you’re just starting out – or you’re a competitive age-grouper, HEAT is the perfect group with whom to share, learn, and refine your abilities.

A team. A club. A Network.

When you’re a member of HEAT, you’re part of a team. We have weekly workout schedules, attend races as both athletes and team support, and we get together socially (we have an exciting Harrier Run/Spring party and an awesome end-of-season / Christmas party).

You’re never alone at a race when you’re part of team HEAT!

Sure, you can work out with anyone. But we’re not just anyone. Our members have taken part in everything from local 5K races to Master’s Swim meets to Ironman triathlons. Our depth of experience, willingness to help, and wealth of training opportunities will keep you motivated, on track, and ready to race!

Beginners Welcome.

If you’re new to endurance sports, HEAT is the group for you.

Ever wanted to try a triathlon? Run a 5k, 10k, or even a marathon? Maybe open water swimming appeals to you. Or maybe you’re just someone who wants to get fit and live a healthy lifestyle.

You can do it! And we can help.

Every member in our group had to make the leap…from unsure beginner with a hundred questions…to race veteran with a thousand questions. We’ve been there and done that…and we can help you, whatever your goals.

Membership is $30 for one year or $50 for two years.  Come join the fun!

Swim. Bike. Run. Eat. Sleep. Repeat