Donation Requests

Guidelines for Non-profit Donation Requests

All HEAT members are eligible to request donations for community and charitable events up to $250 per calendar year.

If interested, HEAT members should send an e-mail to the HEAT president, with a copy to the HEAT treasurer, with the following information:

  • Name of the event and a link to the event website or donation information/instructions
  • A description of the charity or cause benefiting from the event
  • A description of how supporting the event furthers the mission of HEAT
  • Payment information (who is the check made out to and how should treasurer deliver the check)

Members eligible to request HEAT donations will:

  • Be HEAT members in good standing for the current and prior year
  • Volunteer at a minimum of two HEAT sponsored events

Approval will be based on meeting the eligibility criteria above, along with the following criteria:

  • Relevancy of the cause to HEAT’s mission
  1. Is there a strong case supporting the benefit to HEAT and its members
  2. Will approving this request further our reputation in the community?
  • A majority vote of the HEAT Board of Directors

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